Transform Employee Ideas into Innovations

Crowdio helps implement innovative ideas within the organization to optimize processes, reduce costs, and engage employees in the company’s development.

Engage employees and foster a culture of innovation

Collect, share, direct, review, evaluate, experiment, incubate, develop, track, and report the best ideas submitted by your employees.

Create an effective and repeatable innovation implementation process

From idea generation through evaluation to implementation – Crowdio assists in carrying out every stage of innovation implementation.

Selected ideas for execution within the campaign are transformed into the system-managed projects.

Effective innovation management

Crowdio inspires employees to contribute ideas within chosen domains and tackle the challenges you aim to resolve within your organization.

Get every employee involved and discover their talents

Crowdio empowers employees to be a part of innovation, share their ideas, and gain recognition,

Employees submit their ideas within a selected campaign, form teams, and outline anticipated results, effectively fostering an internal entrepreneurial spirit.

Address real-world challenges

Crowdio enables easy submission of ideas with the potential for a positive impact across the entire organization.

Harness the power of global collaboration through campaigns

Campaigns are time-bound competitions with a dedicated sponsor, optional rewards, and a budget for implementation.

With Crowdio, each organization member has the opportunity to launch a campaign addressing any problem, potentially leading to significant cost reductions.

Start implementing employee innovation today

Whether you’re initiating fresh innovation initiatives or embarking on a comprehensive company transformation, Crowdio stands ready to help you accomplish these objectives.

Innovation management wherever you are

Crowdio’s dedicated mobile apps streamline idea submissions for employees, no matter their location.

Easily discover campaigns, participate in colleague idea evaluations and voting, provide rapid feedback, and make the innovation acquisition and employee engagement process even simpler through our mobile applications.

A fully functional crowdsourcing platform

Crowdio facilitates the rapid initiation of innovative initiatives, engages employees, and delivers tangible outcomes.

Flexible campaigns

Easily create campaigns, define statuses and durations. Add sponsors, set categories and budgets, and input all necessary information.

Submission Templates

Each campaign can have a dedicated idea submission form that allows describing ideas in a manner specific to the campaign’s purpose.

Mobile app

With the dedicated mobile app, employees can engage in internal campaigns regardless of their location and time.

Idea evaluation

Customize unique evaluation forms for campaigns, which you can use to assess the ideas submitted during the campaigns.

Employee engagement

Involve employees in discussions and company development through voting, comments, employee ratings, and feedback.

Advanced analytics

Crowdio can analyze all interactions surrounding ongoing campaigns, making it easier to set new goals within the organization.

Optimize processes and reduce costs

Crowdio is an innovative crowdsourcing platform that empowers employee ideas to fuel the growth of your organization.