5 dobrych praktyk tworzenia efektywnej platformy crowdsourcingowej na przykładzie Crowdio

5 best practices for building an efficient crowdsourcing platform with Crowdio as a case study

Why do organizations need an effective crowdsourcing platform? Organizations are currently in need of continuous innovation. Sustained development allows companies not only to build competitiveness but also to reduce costs and streamline operations while creating positive employee experiences. Employees expect their employers to involve them in shaping the organization. The answer to all these needs is to conduct employee crowdsourcing with the support of an appropriate platform. However, how should a crowdsourcing platform be designed to be effective?

An effective crowdsourcing platform

The role of a crowdsourcing platform is to streamline the processes related to idea generation and innovation implementation. Ideas can be submitted by all employees, regardless of their position. This is where a person seeking innovation ideas receives signals from the employed regarding their needs. In the case of Crowdio all submitted ideas undergo evaluation by other employees and a committee. The winning solution can be implemented, and the platform subsequently supports the process of establishing an internal startup and project management. What should an effective crowdsourcing platform provide to best fulfill its purpose? 

1️⃣ Support at every stage of innovation management

An effective crowdsourcing platform allows employees not only to submit ideas but also to verify them by providing ratings or comments. The campaign or competition manager for the best idea in a specific area should have the ability to define its parameters, such as budget or duration. Crowdio allows the person responsible for innovation management to define a unique process and campaign status. It not only supports the process of discovering ideas but also the building of teams for implementation, the selection of mentors, and members of the idea evaluation committee 

2️⃣ Flexible campaigns

A well-designed and effective crowdsourcing platform allows for the simultaneous running of several campaigns in different areas. Each of them should be defined separately, allowing for flexible and independent control over parameters, status settings, and duration. In Crowdio, each campaign has its own dedicated idea submission form. This allows for the detailed definition of separate campaigns and the establishment of specific evaluation criteria. 

3️⃣ Gamification 

It is important to ensure efficiency by appropriately motivating employees to share ideas and engage in the implementation process. The best idea is to transform campaigns into internal competitions. By introducing elements of competition, you motivate the workforce to take action. After all, a winning idea comes with recognition and greater visibility within the company. Consider implementing a reward system as well. In Crowdio’s proposed solution, employees receive points and accolades for specific actions, such as idea submission, comments, and voting. Accumulated points can be exchanged for rewards. The employee who submitted the winning implementation idea should also be rewarded. 

4️⃣ Project and process automation 

A crowdsourcing platform should support not only idea selection but also its implementation management. In the case of a campaign resulting in an innovation, it should transform into an implementation project on the platform, with additional automation supporting decision-making processes.

5️⃣ Advanced analytics 

When investing in crowdsourcing tools, one must not forget the importance of data analytics in management. A well-designed platform automatically generates reports on employees’ activities. In Crowdio’s case, reports are generated for each campaign. Crowdio also allows for the definition and measurement of ROI. It analyzes trends in innovation ideas and real-time interactions among employees. This enables understanding their specific needs, planning future actions, and ultimately improving efficiency.

An effective crowdsourcing platform should primarily address issues related to innovation idea generation. Faster organizational development translates into a better market position, making full control over processes and their quality crucial. With a well-designed crowdsourcing platform, you can accelerate the implementation of innovations without significant financial investments. This leads to increased competitiveness and employee satisfaction, fostering long-term commitment to the company.

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