platforma crowdsourcingowa a budowa społeczności

The crowdsourcing platform – 3 key aspects impacting the organizational community

Can a crowdsourcing platform do more than just harvest innovative ideas from your workforce? Absolutely! While its primary role remains ideation and innovation generation, it also offers a remarkable side effect: community integration. How does this unexpected synergy unfold?

Crowdsourcing Platform – a hub for shared needs

When individuals share common challenges within a social group, it often becomes a unifying force. The majority of employees encountering the same issues find it easier to connect, understand, and support one another. However, in the world of crowdsourcing, the focus shifts from the problem itself to seeking effective solutions..

In challenging situations, the goal is to prompt constructive discussions, collaborative efforts, idea sharing, and the opportunity to cast votes for potential solutions. This collective approach engages the entire community in addressing the issue at hand. The crowdsourcing platform serves as the catalyst for these discussions, frequently tackling issues that qualify as social challenges, solvable only through collective action, or, at the very least, broad social group endorsement.1

Crowdsourcing platform as a social nexus

In large organizations, it’s not uncommon for employees to restrict their social circles to their respective departments or those they interact with daily. However, a shared digital space, such as a crowdsourcing platform, offers them an opportunity to expand their horizons.

Exchanging ideas and providing feedback can serve as engaging conversation topics during coffee breaks. This newfound interaction might lead to colleagues striking up conversations with one another, perhaps for the first time. Building mutual acquaintances has a profound impact on productivity – it makes it easier for employees to initiate connections or seek assistance from competent peers. Employees feel a heightened sense of ease within the workplace, and their sense of belonging deepens.

platforma crowdsourcingowa - miejsce rywalizacji

Crowdsourcing platform – fostering healthy competition

Competition isn’t limited to sports; it thrives in various domains, driving individuals to pursue excellence and break through their limits. An effectively designed crowdsourcing platform should harness these competitive elements, allowing employees to compete and vie for rewards.

Internal “challenges” and competitions further motivate frequent visits to the crowdsourcing platform. Beyond its noble goal of ideation and innovation, crowdsourcing becomes a delightful diversion from everyday tasks, igniting creativity, and strengthening the sense of belonging to the organization. Employees, empowered to make decisions about company activities, sense that they are integral to the organization.

Crowdsourcing platform – building a unified community

Leveraging a meticulously designed crowdsourcing platform within your organization allows you to instill a culture of innovation and unify your community. Ultimately, every employee can experience their tangible impact on the organization’s actions, knowing they are not isolated with their daily challenges. The crowdsourcing platform paves the way for employees to foster a profound sense of belonging, empowerment, and the creation of a broader network within the organization.

1 Sztumski J. (2010), Introduction to Social Research Methods and Techniques, „Śląsk”, Katowice, s. 57. 

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