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The 9 essential traits of an effective crowdsourcing platform

Efficiently harnessing the power of employee crowdsourcing hinges on the presence of sophisticated tools that streamline the process and ensure its successful management. In the world of innovation, effective ideation management is paramount, and the key to achieving this lies in deploying a robust and versatile platform specially designed for crowdsourcing. Such a platform empowers employees to contribute ideas while also automating the execution of these ideas.

Demystifying the crowdsourcing platform

A crowdsourcing platform is a digital tool meticulously crafted for collecting ideas and effectively managing them. In the realm of employee crowdsourcing, this digital space allows employees to submit their visionary concepts, while designated personnel within an organization take on the responsibility of evaluating these ideas and organizing the subsequent implementation processes. The primary objective of this tool is to streamline idea generation, innovation implementation, and, concurrently, engage the employees. Furthermore, it should offer powerful analytics capabilities, generating comprehensive reports on ongoing initiatives. 

Crucial elements of an effective crowdsourcing platform

To proficiently oversee innovation within an organization via crowdsourcing, you need an all-encompassing tool that can flawlessly guide you through the entire process, from ideation to the realization of the most promising ideas. Opt for a platform that possesses the following essential features:

1️⃣ The ability to create numerous campaigns 

Effective organization is paramount. Considering that the ideas you aim to cultivate will span various domains, a crowdsourcing platform that allows you to establish multiple campaigns equips you to proficiently manage activities across various fronts concurrently. A clear-cut categorization eases the process, enabling you to implement several innovations in tandem rather than a solitary one.

2️⃣ Idea evaluation capabilities 

Right from the outset, prioritize your employees. Permit them to express their opinions by facilitating voting for any idea within a campaign. Moreover, employees should have the liberty to leave comments or initiate discussions if they harbor any uncertainties regarding a particular idea. This approach is a win-win. You can easily discern which ideas garner the most appreciation, providing you with invaluable insights for organizing future implementations. 

3️⃣ Campaign status updates

To gain a greater hold on implementation projects, it’s imperative for your system to automatically indicate the specific stage at which each campaign resides. This allows you to quickly monitor the status of every campaign you are managing, while employees, through automatic notifications, stay constantly informed about the progression of each initiative. 

4️⃣ Automated report generation

Your tool should first and foremost make your job more manageable. A platform that can automatically generate reports on ideas and campaigns saves you a substantial amount of time and energy. Robust analysis empowers you to make informed decisions and keep close tabs on project progress. You can acquire valuable data concerning employee engagement, and the benefits derived from implemented actions, and detect emerging trends. 

5️⃣ Incorporating gamification 

Motivation sometimes becomes the catalyst for employee participation in crowdsourcing campaigns. A platform that allows you to introduce elements of competition proves to be a shrewd move. Competition kindles greater employee engagement, not solely driven by the desire to be the best. Appropriate recognition should be accorded to the best idea. Additionally, contemplate rewarding the most dedicated employees in campaigns, those who propose commendable ideas, even if those are not the ones slated for implementation.  

6️⃣ Building implementation teams 

Management of implementation shouldn’t transpire in isolation from the entire idea generation framework. Employees should also possess insight into the actions undertaken after the announcement of the winning innovative idea. Consequently, it’s essential that your platform offers the option of establishing a team tasked with the project’s execution. Collaborating with employees, they can nominate the most suitable candidate for project ownership. It’s imperative that employees know who is overseeing their affairs. 

Platforma crowdsourcingowa to miejsce zgłaszania pomysłów

7️⃣ Transcending ideas into projects

By forming an implementation team, you are effectively transitioning an idea into a project, an internal startup dedicated to addressing implementation challenges. It’s critical to keep employees informed about this transition, allowing them to maintain contact with the implementation team to track their progress. 

8️⃣ Seamless integration with existing systems

An excess of tools is rarely desirable. Therefore, ensure that your crowdsourcing platform can be seamlessly integrated with other systems that your organization utilizes, such as an internal intranet, Employee Experience platform, Sharepoint, or Teams. This not only enhances your convenience but also streamlines your workflow. 

9️⃣ A mobile application at your fingertips 

In organizations where at least some employees perform their duties on-site, a mobile application is indispensable. Every employee should enjoy equal access to the crowdsourcing platform, irrespective of their location or job role. Even if all your employees work at desks, a mobile application is still a wise choice. Employees can access it while commuting or during lunch breaks, for you never know when a brilliant innovation idea may strike. 

When it comes to infusing innovation into your organization, begin by implementing the most pivotal innovation of all — a crowdsourcing platform! Streamline your crowdsourcing processes, effortlessly manage ideas, and create a user-friendly environment where each employee is eager to contribute to building an innovative organization. The selection of a crowdsourcing platform is the first step in this transformative journey. 

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